The Opposite of Nice Isn't Nasty.

Sales Training For Women In Business.

The Opposite of Nice Isn’t Nasty is a 6-Week Experience designed to transform the way you think about yourself and your business so you can earn your TRUE worth. If you are ready to level up and earn double or triple what you are earning now, or more, then you are in the right place. You're probably not creating the income you want, not necessarily because you are in the wrong job or have chosen the wrong MLM or because your product is not good's more likely because YOUR self-limiting mindset and corresponding behaviors and habits are impeding your growth. That's about to change. If you’re willing to do the work on YOU, by being truly honest with yourself and identifying the areas where YOU have played small in the past, you will experience a metamorphosis like no other. This is not strictly a course that trains on sales techniques. Yes, we’ll include training on sales and negotiation and effective marketing, but more importantly, we will FLIP YOUR MINDSET. If you are taking this course, you already know that your mindset – the way you see yourself or believe in yourself, the way you give in to fear or doubt on a daily basis, the way you give up too easily or experience jealousy of others vs. pride in yourself– all of these feelings are a MAJOR FACTOR in what’s holding you back. Just like a neglected house gets “flipped” on HGTV into a ridiculously dreamy home, we’ll do the same with you. And just like that old neglected house couldn’t catch anyone’s eye, let alone a buyer with money to spend, so will YOU become that in-demand business professional attracting new clients and leads like never before. TRUST ME. When you change on the inside first, then apply the right sales and marketing practices next, you will experience exponential business growth. Let’s make it happen NOW.You deserve extraordinary success and YOU CAN DO THIS. Don’t wait. Don’t doubt that this course is for you. Don’t second guess yourself, haven’t you been doing that long enough?? I thought so. Let’s go.

Your Instructor

Kelly Olexa
Kelly Olexa

Kelly Olexa is a seasoned business professional with over 22 years of sales experience in both the corporate environment and in the startup world. She founded a profitable 7-Figure business in 2011 and has just launched two solo business ventures, Socially Fit Services, and The Opposite of Nice Isn't Nasty: Sales Training For Women in Business. Kelly is passionate about helping women see their untapped potential and ideally, to start their own business, even if it's a side hustle to begin with. A serious fitness fanatic, Kelly knows that STRESS is the #1 contributor to poor health, and because 2 of the top stressors in our lives are WORK and MONEY, well, you can see why she wants to help women pursue their passions by starting a business. It's AFTER women start a business however that the challenge begins. Too many women aren't prepared to SELL and self-promote as needed in order to grow a business. Kelly's course is designed specifically to address the common issues women encounter when trying to succeed in business. Taking this course will not only make you a strong, confident salesperson, it will make you stronger in EVERY area of your life. Guaranteed.

The Opposite of Nice Isn't Nasty, Sales Training For Women In Business Includes:

  • A Self Paced VIDEO Tutorial Course: Each week, you'll proceed through a self-paced course that guides you through 3 primary areas of focus: Your PAST, Your PRESENT, and Your FUTURE. The PAST section is extremely important and requires an open and honest mind, and a lot of introspection in considering your past behavior patterns in business and personal relationships. The PRESENT section is where we evaluate where you are now and what we identify as the areas that need to change, the areas where YOU need to change to see massive improvement. The FUTURE section is where we dive into boss sales techniques and best practices for any and all kinds of business scenarios. You'll learn more about selling, business development, negotiation, and client relationship management than ever before and finish feeling empowered and confident to RISE. Most of the course is taught via video instruction, featuring Kelly Olexa and sometimes, some special guests. You'll also have homework to do at your own pace and you'll get recommendations for helpful books and products you can use in your business going forward. 30 VIDEO MODULES.
  • Private Facebook Community: You'll join our private Facebook community. Every day, Monday-Friday, I will share relevant news/resources/tips and will answer specific questions posed by YOU in the community. Anything goes here and the more real-life questions we get, the more we can teach you. You'll also learn from other women on the same journey as you, and it's highly likely you'll make a lot of new friends for life. Remember, the key to success is surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals! (30 Days of Coach Led Interaction and Questions Addressed. 8 Weeks of overall community engagement in the group)
  • Interactive Facebook Lives: Once a week, in the private Facebook group, I will host a Facebook LIVE, typically on Fridays. During this session, I can role play with any volunteers who want to work through real-life business situations that are keeping them stuck. I will also answer questions or talk more in depth about other questions posed in the group that week. (6 Total Facebook Lives for Q&A)
  • Interviews With Successful Boss Babes: Once a week, in the private Facebook group, I will interview a successful she-preneur or corporate executive who has "been there, done that". These ladies will share how they changed their own limiting behaviors and learned that being NICE in business doesn't take you far. You'll see very clearly each week some powerful examples of strong, confident women owning their businesses without worrying about playing NICE and I promise you, the last thing you'll think about these women is that they seem NASTY. (6 Total Facebook Lives Interviews)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This is a self-paced video tutorial course, so you start when you start and finish when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
How do I know that I'll have guidance offered that's specific to MY job or MY business?
You will have unlimited opportunities to ask questions- both via text in the Facebook groups- and on Facebook Lives. The success of this course and community lies in being able to do just that- address all kinds of questions and concerns and specific scenarios so you have actionable insights to apply to YOUR world. You'll also be amazed how much you'll learn from other women, even if their business situation is completely different than yours. The principles are universal!


I know without a doubt that you will transform your business and your income, and position yourself for exponential growth in 2019 and beyond by taking this course and participating in the private community group. More importantly, the principles you’ll apply during our time together will forever change your LIFE. I don’t say that lightly. My life has changed forever for the better, and I’m about ready to do things in this next chapter of my life I only DREAMED about years ago. And I have ZERO DOUBTS I will do them. You will too. Sign up NOW for The Opposite of Nice Isn’t Nasty, a 6-Week Experience that will deliver a transformation in you that you never thought possible. I guarantee it. For less than what you probably spend a week at Starbucks, you can forever change your future. And I promise you, this is way better than any Frappuccino. This course goes live on JANUARY 14th, 2019 and we will sell out soon, so lock in your spot NOW!

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